Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes

Most every week you can come here and find our notes from the time we spend in God’s word each Sunday!!

Here are this weeks notes for 8-1-17!


Scripture References: James 1:5-8  Jeremiah 29:13  Matthew 7:7

Lacks: This term is used when we are short in an area of life. We lack something. The scripture says if we lack wisdom. We all do in tons of areas of our lives. It is important to realize we need help with things.

Ask God: Where do we get that help? From God. He alone has unlimited and unfailing wisdom. We tend to ask everyone but God what to do. That leads to some good things at times but not always. We often exhaust our resources before we ever just do what the word says…go to God.

No Doubt: The word also says not to doubt…If we ask God then don’t doubt His answers or His power. If we do..most likely we don’t get the results God intends. Always depending on other sources of wisdom can make us doubt God and His power.

Jeremiah 29:13 and Matthew 7:7 have one common bond…they tell us to seek God. Seek is a verb…it is an action means to actively look or search. We often do actively search for God because we are lazy and want the easiest way out.

Bottom Line: God has wisdom for us…for even the smallest details of our lives. But do we really seek Him in life? Do we know Him? It is there for us…are we accessing it?


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