Here at OCC, we employ a contemporary style of worship through Oakbrook’s worship band. We recognize the vital role music has in both ministering to people and ushering them into the humbling, majestic presence of Almighty GOD. OCC worship band-members have been carefully chosen. All are dedicated in their roles. The OCC worship band is not made up of simply musicians and singers but, rather praisers and worshippers.

One only needs to look at King David in order to understand the importance of worship. He knew how to construct a praise team. David did not say “Come one, come all.” The scripture tells us that David appointed individuals to minister music in the Temple. (I Chronicles 6:31). David knew how important it was that the proper atmosphere be set for God’s house. There was so much excitement over the Ark of the Covenant being brought back to Jerusalem that again, musical appointments were made among the Levites. (I Chronicles 15:16,19,22). It was the praise team that lead Joshua’s army into Jericho. (Joshua 6:4)

OCC’s worship band exists to bring focus on GOD – not ourselves. We encourage you to join us in worship because we understand that music is not central to praising GOD. If we had no music, praise and worshipping our Heavenly Father is still priority one. So, don’t be concerned with how you sound to others, but rather how you sound to GOD. Let’s lift our voices and praise Him!

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