Students also have opportunities to participate in retreats, mission trips, and service projects to impact Union County with the grace of GOD’s love because we believe life change happens best in the context of relationships and community through service to others.

Our Wednesday night services are created to celebrate life in a way that is fun for believers and welcoming to those who don’t normally attend church. Merge exists to teach Students how to merge their life with God and “church life” with their “everyday life,” allowing the grace of Christ to guard and guide their hearts from Monday through Saturday; as well as on Sunday.

Whether you grew up in church or aren’t sure you even like church, we invite you to come just as you are and see for yourself.

Wednesdays @6:30 pm

Rising 7th Graders through 12th Grade

We will be attending Fuge in Ridgecest, NC on June 13th-17th. Please sign up below!

We look forward to what God has in store in 2020!

Fuge Sign Up

Fuge Sign Up

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